Thursday, 24 March 2011

Character Modelling...yikes!

Karen has been modelling the characters for our animation and has been doing a great job, however she is currently starting to be overwhelmed with tasks and other responsibilities as the team leader and feels that she is running out of time to finish them. As I am currently on schedule with my tasks karen asked if I would be able to finish a few parts that she hadn't finished yet.

The main parts that needed to be finished was to attach the arms and legs to the body by merging the vertices. This was an easy process by also very time consuming at the same time which I now understand why Karen asked me to help her out while she attended to more urgent tasks that had popped up. Altogether it has taken approximately 2 weeks to finish them due to time being spent on other units, especially getting my dissertation completed for the deadline. 

This has been a good opportunity for me to become familiar with the geometry of the characters and understand how they are layed out and work which has greatly assisted me in terms of planning how to unwrap the geometry for the UV maps. To be honest I was a little worried when I first started to work on the characters as they are the most important part of our production, and if I messed up in any way it would be down to me to fix the problem that I created. I found that I don't like working on characters in terms of modelling, I can't explain what it is, but there is something about it which doesn't interest me the way in which environments do. 

I returned the character files to Karen and she was very pleased with how they were, now I can start UV mapping and texturing the props, environments and characters.

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