Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Extra Bits of Modelling

Our opening shot shows part of the garden of Summers home, this means we have to model the garden and fill it with props and other assets to make it look believable. I started by the most basic means available and used a flat plane as the ground and placed it under the tree. I then started to model a wooden fence which I referenced from the fencing in my garden. The fence is made up of diffent panels which are constructed from approximately 20 wooden planks (each panel had a different amount of planks) and then a sturdy wooden post.

Above shows an example of one of the fence panels that help make up the garden fence as a whole. 

I duplicated the fence panel and then merged the vertices so that it creates a double panel as one poly object. I repeated this to make up the shape of the fence so I could then create the borders of the garden and help define the space.

I started adding further details to the tree and treehouse as well. I adjusted the shape of the tree base and refined it to make it more smooth and organic. I also started to make a wooden step ladder which leads up from the ground to the treehouse which will be complete within the next two days.

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