Sunday, 2 January 2011

We did it!!!!

We did it!! we finally did it, we finally figured out the ending to our story, it too long enough but it's ready to be worked with now. I've altered the storyboards and also re-edited the animatic for it as well so we can all see what happens now. Personally I don't find it as interesting as our original story, but it gets us through with a beginning, middle and end so I can't complain really, I just wish we could've done our original idea.

The storyboard above has been changed from the 2nd panel on the 5th row onwards until the 3rd panel on the last row which has completely cut out the nightmare sequence.

Above is the revised animatic which also shows the new ending. The sound effects are repeated a lot and don't properly represent what we wish to achieve, especially with the roar, but it will do for now. I'm just happy we can start moving forward again fall speed and get on with the production work properly.

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