Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Progress Update

We spoke to our course leader Mike and received some feedback for the work we had done since our formative back before christmas. Luckily for us he seemed rather impressed by what we had to show him and confident in how our work has progressed since he last saw it which made us all feel very relieved and quite happy to know that we was on track. In terms of the work I had produced or was in the process of producing Mike made some interesting suggestions which we all felt eager to implement into out work. Where I had made the treehouse for the exterior shot and was going to alter it for the interior shots, Mike suggested that the interior treehouse be completely made separately with each individual wood plank pieced together like it would be in a proper construction, this is the exact same thing that Karen suggested earlier in the year but I was personally unsure about it considering the workload I had, but now we are all confident it is something that can be done and will look better than just having wooden plank textures on a plane flat wall, also there will now be cracks inbetween the planks so that will help create some interesting lighting effects for our scene.

So now I have another modelling task to complete before I can start the UV mapping and texturing, which I have to say i'm quite happy about as I enjoyed modelling the treehouse and tree as well as the fence and garden bench and would now ideally like to model as much as I can. This is also good as i have identified environment/prop modelling as one of my strengths and would like every opportunity to improve upon it and gain extra practice and experience; it is also the first time I've actually felt confident about a job role which I feel i could confidently work within in the industry one day, which is a plus because I really enjoy it.

So in conclusion, chat with Mike went smoothly, got some new ideas, and i'm ready to start working on them...i'm very confident it will turn out just as well as my previous modelling.

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