Monday, 7 February 2011

Some Progress Renders

I have some test renders which I'm using to show the progress of my modelling. I used ambient occlusion to render as I feel it shows more tone and and definition to objects and is a good way to identify areas which may need improving.

The render above shows how the scene was looking in the last post that I did. The leaves on the tree still seem a little too tidy and limited in their use so I had to change that at a later stage. Note the bench in the bottom corner which I also modelled to help with props for the garden.

This new render shows an updated version of the tree, the leaves now come out further on each side making it look fuller and healthier whereas before it was a bit too thin. I particular like this render because you can see the large curve in the shape of the tree trunk which contrasts nicely with the straight edges of the treehouse, I feel I've personally achieved a lot so far in terms of my modelling skills as I've successfully combined a natural object with a man made structure without it looking odd and not working properly, so I have to say i'm quite proud as I wasn't sure how my modelling would turn out as I hadn't done it properly before.

This close up is so the detail can be seen a bit more clearly, especially in terms of the leaves and how they are positioned. My next task is to start UV mapping and texturing my models as well as those created by Karl and the characters in progress by Karen. I also need to make a copy of this scene file and adjust it so that its just the treehouse and the tree in the corner with no leaves, ladder or exterior items, this is so we can have a separate scene file for the interior shots. One main thing that I think I will need to change will be the size of the treehouse so we can have more space inside for the characters and props as I feel it may be a little bit too small as it is, however we will jsut have to wait and see until we put the props and characters in.

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