Thursday, 14 April 2011

Exterior UV Mapping and Texturing - Leaves

I've started working on the exterior shot for the film which is the opening of the film. I was most curious as to how the leaves would look the most as I have been scared that they might not look believable for the environment and may stand out too much, so the quell my own fears I decided to texture the leaves first.

To save time for myself, I combined all of the leaves into one geometry object and applied a new lambert to it, because each leaf is the same shape I only had to make one texture which would apply on each individual leaf.  I created the UV map by doing a planar projection, as the leaf is only a plane surface with no depth to it I didn't have to worry about unfolding it in the UV Texture Editor. The render above shows the first test that I done with the very first texture that I made, I felt that it worked pretty well and considering how dark I film would be and the type of lighting we will have, this will easily pass as being a believable bunch of leaves.

This is the first texture map that I made for the leaves, I made it by using a photograph of a leaf that I pulled from a tree that hangs over into my garden, I then adjusted the opacity and contrast levels and coloured into it in photoshop to create the necessary level of detail. However I felt that they needed some more colour tones in them because it looked too green.

This is the second version of the leaves texture, it has a slight more variation in the tonal colours and I put it some more yellow to help match the the leaves on the tree in my garden. Karen felt that the colour was still not quite right however so I went back to photoshop to sort it out.

This is the finished texture map that Karen has agreed on, it contains more yellow and the tiniest amount of red in the colour palette which has helped give it a more natural look, rather than it just being "oh it's a leaf, so it must be green".

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