Saturday, 2 April 2011

Progress check with Dan

We had a progress chat with Dan today, he wanted to know how we are getting on and if we have any problems or issues that need sorting out before we get too far into the final term. The main problem for me was that I was worried about UV mapping the characters, I've always been more of a prop and environment person so I have been worried i'll doing something wrong or mess up, also I have more work to do than I originally realised, with a huge selection of props for both interior and exterior shots as well as the characters and the environments themselves. Dan, Karen and Karl suggested that we outsource some of the work to other people looking to fill up their folders, which is a good idea as it will give me a little more time to work and make some really nice textures instead of rushing and only doing average ones, however this was meant to be my main task of the year, my main goal which I could truly show my skill with and it's a little disheartening to know I've got to share out the workload with others, this was a chance for me to prove myself in some respects that I am a competent texture artist and UV mapper, but realistically I wont be able to finish everything myself. I'll start working straight away and in the mean time we'll have to seek assistance from other people.

In terms of our progress as a group, we are a little behind the other groups. Other groups have already started their animation and we don't have our character rigs finished yet. I think as long as we work our butts off and get our rigged characters soon then we will be fine and able to finish our film without much trouble.

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