Saturday, 23 April 2011

Revisiting Pandy

I wasn't happy with the way some parts of the textures looked on Pandy, after reviewing the model in Maya I found that the UV's I made were the cause for the issues I had found. First of all there was some texture stretching around the mouth as well as over the torso and the top of the head, some parts of the textures near the hand and wrist don't allign properly so I want to get them fixed. I figured the easiest way to do this would be to re-do the UV maps as they are the cause of the stretching issues I just stated.  I felt a lot more confident doing the UV's this time around and managed to make them a lot quicker and to a much better quality which would reduce the texture stretching and tearing.

I managed to create more accurate UV's and I arranged them a lot better for the UV snapshot; I read that a general rule of thumb is to use up as much space as possible in the UV Texture Editor when laying out the UV's to maximise their resolution and visibility in photoshop, the more space you use up the better.

I completely re-painted the textures and made everything to a higher standard than before. I feel a lot happier with the new results and think the textures now look a lot sharper as I exported them at a slightly higher resolution.

I showed this render to Karen and she was happy with how it looks, she could also spot the changes instantly which made me feel very good about my work knowing that my extra efforts that I did off my own back in my spare time actually paid off. I still don't feel particularly strong when it comes to characters, but I'm happy I can bring them to life to match Karens designs.

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