Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Finished Textures for Exterior Shot

I wanted to show some renders of the finished textures that I have done for my groups work on the exterior shot, this is so you can see each separate asset on it's own as well as how it all looks when they're all brought together.

This is the tree by itself, I turned the treehouse off on a display layer to hide it for this shot so you can just focus on the tree and nothing else. The tree still retains the bold and fluid shape that we wanted at the start of production to match Karens visual idea, it also still has the bold colours that we wanted, but now the textures are slightly more detailed and look stylised yet realistic at the same time, effectively creating our own unique visual style for ourselves.

I wanted a closeup on the leaves to show how they look in a bunch when next to the treebark, I discussed with Karen whether we should apply a bump map to the tree bark to make it look more rough and bumpy, but we came to the conclusion that it would not be necessary as the opening shot is so quick and dark that it wouldn't make much, if any, difference, also the details of the bark are sharp enough to be shown in the texture map by itself so we decided to leave it as it is.

Although the underside of the treehouse will not be seen in the film, I wanted to show it anyway from this angle just to show more of the textures that wont be seen in the end, I'm proud of the way it's looking and wanted to at least show some of the hard work that I put into the textures.

This is a render of the finished tree and treehouse for the exterior opening shot at the beginning of our film. You can see a lot of holes and gaps inbetween the leaves revealing the white background, however this will not be a problem in the film because we will have a dark background which will hide them.

This is a closer look at the treehouse showing more of the detail in the modelling and textures. It took a long time to finish the textures but seeing the results sitting in front of me makes me realise that the hard work and stressful times was worth every second. Now that the exterior treehouse is finished I need to begin on the interior now, I have to make sure that I keep the colour palette consistent with the tree bark and treehouse planks so the shots flow together smoothly without there being major colour tone jumps which would throw off the audience.

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