Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wooden Drawers Texturing

The next task on my list is to texture the props inside of the treehouse, a lot of the props were UV mapped by Dean Pankhurst who agreed to help us out a bit with our workload that was piling up. Dean made the UV's for the drawers which in themselves are a complex object to UV map if unfamiliar with the process.

The UV's were layed out very well and were easy for me to understand and work with without any problems. I started by getting the textures for the main base and structure of the drawers finished first. I wanted the drawers to look old and rough, as if they had been thrown out or discarded by a family that no longer need them, so they were given to Summer to go in her treehouse. To this I coloured the edges, especially around the bottom of the drawers to look like they have been scratched and damaged by being dragged around or had other objects banged into them, so the overall look and feel of the drawers is damaged but still useable.

This is a screenshot of me starting work on the drawers in photoshop, I initially wanted to make each draw a separate texture, but due to time constraints I've had to keep the same texture on the small drawers, the same with the medium sized ones as well.

The image above shows the small set of drawers fully textured, each drawer having the same texture as the one next to it, this isn't something I particularly want to have so if I get time once everything else is finished I will come back and create some new textures.

The drawers are slowly coming together now, I've started adding more details and little marks to add character and give a sense of use and history with the object, rather than it just being a boring set of drawers in the corner.

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