Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rocking Horse UV Mapping and Texturing

I'm not entirely sure why but I've been quite scared about UV mapping the rocking horse that Karen made, I think it may be because of the horse body and it's shape which I'm worried may cause some problems. 

I started the UV mapping by using the same process I used on the character Pandy where I separate different parts of the object by selecting the faces and using the 'extract' tool. This made it easier to break the model down into more manageable parts for when I was doing the Planar Projections, the object itself was separated into the horse, the seat, the handles and the base.

The image above shows when I first tested the textures I made in photoshop, I usually find that once I apply a texture to the object that there will be a problem that needs to be changed in photoshop so I have to keep going back and forth, however I didn't have to do that this time. I used a similar process to the drawers where I identified areas of the object where there would be damage to the wood such as dents, chipped paint and dirt to create a texture which makes the object look like it actually has been used and is  in a slowly deteriorating condition.

The finished texture for the rocking horse ready to be placed into the scene.

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