Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wooden Drawers Texturing - Finished

Here are some renders showing the finished textures on the drawers. 

The render above shows an angle identical to one of the camera shots in the animation, the drawers will be seen quite closeup in the shot so I had to make sure that there was enough detail in the side to make it look visually interesting. I made sure to include plenty of scuff marks, dents and dirty patches to show that it is a worn down object and in bad condition.

This standard frontal view is just to show the general look of the textures, luckily you can't even tell that I used the same textures on all the small drawers and then done the same thing with the middle drawers as well. It was difficult placing the damage marks on the furniture in a believable way, I had to make sure that the edges had the most damage, especially the ones near the floor as they would receive the most surface contact.

The top of the drawers have a collection of Summers crayons on there so I added lots of coloured marks to show where she has marked the wood with crayons and possibly other materials such as pens and even paint.

I wanted to add a more personal element from the characters perspective into the scene so I made it as though their names have been carved into the wood to show their relationship. I feel that having little details like the one I have included help make textured objects feel more real and interesting, I could've just have easily just slapped on a basic wood texture and left it as it is, but having the extra details spread about in the texture make it more visually appealing.

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