Friday, 26 November 2010

Further Concept

We have all been working really hard as we have to present our work in an end of term formative assessment presentation in front of our class and tutors, for this we have to make sure that we have a script, storyboard, concept art and plenty of other visual material to communicate our ideas to everyone else. We're also aiming to have started modelling and possibly have some render tests to show how we want our film to look. However this isn't until December in the week that we finish for christmas break. For now i've been trying to develop how the interior of the treehouse could possibly look. Below are some of my initial rough sketches I did in photoshop.

Karens original treehouse concept has lots of drawings covering the back wall, so this is something I want to continue throughout all of the designs as the wall is almost like a collage of all of Summers drawings. I have included the tree trunk taking up part of the corner of the room so it looks like the treehouse was built around it.

I played around with black and white as well as colour for the two above images. This is where I realised that there is going to be a lot of different wooden objects in the animation and each one has to have it's own unique look and feel, if they all shared the same wood type for their texture it would look very boring so I have to make sure I use a mixture of wood types, colours and different grains as well as a mix in the quality of the wood, whether it is fine and clean or dirty and old and if so what type goes on what object, there is still so much to figure out and plan.

The image above is from the perspective of where the character Pandy will be standing in one of the shots, his shadow will be cast along the floor into the corner where the tree and the drawers are as that will be where Summer is hiding in one of the shots.

One of the problems that we may encounter at a later stage in production is to do with lighting as there will be light coming in from the window and the door, this could cause problems when we try to create silhouettes and shadows stretching along the floor as there will be conflicting light sources. The image above however shows where there would generally be the most shadow and light in the treehouse if we were to go with the general layout that has been shown here. Karen and Karl feel pretty optimistic about what I've showed them so far and have requested a more detailed floor plan and layout for the treehouse which I plan to get to them as soon as possible. This way karl will be able to plan more on the sorts of props that he needs to model and where they can be placed in the space that is given to him.

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