Monday, 8 November 2010

Summers Treehouse

Karens original pitch entitled 'Summers Playground' was in itself an ambitious project for a six man team, but with just the 3 of us it would be very impractical to even attempt doing the original idea; however we all agreed that we still wanted to continue working using the characters, environment and style that Karen had created for her story, the only problem we had was to find a way to cut down the story and narrative into a much smaller timescale but still keeping the animation interesting and engaging with a limited timescale.

We all went away by ourselves and came back the next day with brainstorms which outlined possible story ideas or elements that could be used in our animation.

The following are the ideas which I came up with, the top one being the one we used in the end and the rest in order of how much they were liked by the rest of the group:

- (CHOSEN IDEA) There is  a storm outside at night, it's making everything seem scary in the treehouse. Summer has a torch which runs out of battery life. Pandy is creeping around trying to scare Summer.

- Pandy is sleeping, but is soon woken by a firefly that lands on his nose. He gets up and follows it all around the treehouse and eventually over to the window, he climbs up to it but falls out of the window.

- Pandy keeps trying to find ways to get up to a toy plane hanging from he ceiling so that he can pretend to fly. He finally gets up there and the string holding up the plane snaps causing Pandy and the plane to fall.

These ideas are very simple but I feel they could be made very well and appeal to a young audience because of the content in them, that sense of exploration and following the unknown is something we can all relate to and young people may find fascinating.

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