Monday, 8 November 2010

Job Roles and Specialisations

So we all agreed to work on the idea that I came up with, however it still needs a clear structure and script before we can move ahead on the production. We decided to use this idea because we all felt that it would be exciting to create a scary and dramatic short film with all this intense weather and lighting setting the atmosphere, at the same time though we realise it's going to be a big challenge to get it to work the way that we want, but all three of us are strongly motivated and i'm definitely eager to crack on with production.

As a group we each had to highlight our own strengths and weaknesses to help figure out the roles that we will fulfill within the group. For myself I have identified my strengths in pre-production tasks such as concept art and storyboarding, for production I am comfortable with modelling and texturing, however my texturing knowledge still needs a lot of development especially in terms of UV mapping which is very tricky, I am positive that I will be able to texture all of the assets for our project. I'm also confident with post production techniques and compositing so I will be cutting together all of our final shots and combining all of the elements into one final animation.

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