Friday, 5 November 2010

What Happened?!?!

So I pitched my idea like everyone else in front of the class and tutors. Overall I'd say my pitch was a failure! I didn't have enough visual materials to fully sell my idea and the overall quality of my presentation was pretty weak compared to others in my class. Although I knew the potential of my idea, I didn't sell it very well to everyone so I pretty much kicked myself in the balls there. I was quite excited about my idea and the way it was visualised in my head had me dying to get started on it, however my indecisiveness and and constant changes of ideas wasted a lot of my time so in the end I simply didn't have enough materials prepared to convince anyone that my idea was worthwhile.

Was I disappointed? I was a little, but I completely understood why my idea wasn't chosen, I didn't give anyone a good reason why working on my idea would benefit them in developing their speciality skills and increasing their overall knowledge and ultimately helping them get a job. On the plus side I was relieved because I don't think I would have been suitable in leading a team project for a whole year, I feel I would've been fine for the first month or two but I knew after that I would've struggled in keeping everyone on track and making sure the project was moving forward on schedule, in the end I feel the group might've broken down a bit under the pressure and the final result of work would not be up to scratch.

The next step....the pitches that were chosen were announced to the class and everyone ended up getting into their groups. Because of the large number of students in the class it was not possible for everyone to join a group so we were allowed to get into smaller groups of 3-4 and make a shorter, smaller scale animation of 30-60 seconds. I joined Karen and Karl and we formed a 3 man team to work on a modified version of Karen's original pitch, 'Summers Playground'.

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