Sunday, 14 November 2010


As I was writing up the script and going through it with karen, I was also thumbnailing some of the shots to help show the type of camera shots that we could use in the animation. I used a lot of these thumbnails as the basis for some of the shots in the storyboard which is shown below.

From the storyboard we can now see that our animation will be broken down into 29 different shots, a lot of them are closeups on the characters faces so as the texture artist I have to make sure that the textures are working correctly and look detailed enough for the camera. From this we can also see what props in the environment will be in shot so we can prioritize what needs to be done first and in higher quality than less important objects. It also tells me which objects need the highest quality textures on them and which ones can get away with lower resolution ones due to camera shots, distance from the camera or even the lighting/darkness within our scenes.

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